When to advertise a property?

When to advertise a property?

We have received many new Landlord enquiries and the Landlord is happy to proceed with our management but has odd jobs to do prior to advertising a property.

These vary from fitting a new electric shower and lay new carpets to painting of the lounge.

Latest statistics from the Citylet quarterly report (Q1 2020)* shows that a three-bedroom property in Edinburgh takes on average 40 days to let out and rents for £1,465pm.

This 40 day clock starts from day 1 of advertising and we would always encourage a Landlord to start this clock as soon as possible.

Minimise Void Period

I appreciate the property may not be ready to move into now but in taking the time to move the odd paint pot and the step ladders from the middle of the lounge for the marketing photos to the benefits of digital photography, most blemishes can be brushed up and a sharp advert can be produced.

With an advert live, instead of taking marketing photos when the property is available to be rented, we can have viewings lined up for day 1 of the property being available to view as opposed to starting the marketing photos.

Bringing the advertising date forward helps to reduce the void period and helps to minimise the lost monthly income of £1,465 as noted above.

Access to Trades to help

As always, we have a great source of trades who are always available to assist and know the value of volume works and keeping a letting agency happy, which does mean that any wait times for contractors are minimised, again, helping to reduce your void cost. The costs saved with our trusted trades is just an additional bonus.

In answer to the headed question, when to advertise a property? The answer is always now.

Get in touch today for access to our trades and find out how quickly we can attend to get your property marketed.

Should you have any questions, please call on 01315107590 or visit our website https://winwinpropertymanagement.co.uk

*Link to Citylet quarterly report (Q1 2020) https://www.citylets.co.uk/research/reports/pdf/Citylets-Quarterly-Report-Q1-2020.pdf?ref=reports

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