Rent Arrears

Minimise Rent Arrears

Rent arrears is always a risk when letting out a property, but in knowing the risk we can set ourselves up to minimise the risk, before it happens.

A robust application screening process is the first port of call in a defence against rogue tenants. In having the correct identification, national insurance number and known previous addresses, along with a UK based guarantor you will have the right footing to set up a strong claim.

We do know however that it is a small minority of tenants who are rogue and there will most likely be mitigating circumstances why rent arrears have not, or could not be paid.

Keep Communication Lines Open

We have all seen and heard of tenants being unable to communicate due to a phone not working or not getting emails. Should you have no response from calling, text messaging or email, you could always try an old-fashioned letter.

You should have all contact details from your robust application screening process.

It may be that there are genuine financial difficulties and the tenant would benefit from a discussion with services like Shelter Scotland, Citizens Advice Scotland, The Money Advice Service, Scotland’s Financial Health Service or StepChange.

Do encourage them to open communication lines as all too often the head gets buried in the sand and tenants need help in getting out their difficulty.

Ideally try to carry out a property inspection to see if the tenant is still living in the property and if so, what condition the property is in.

Should there be nobody at home, do ask neighbours if they have seen the tenant, or visitors at the property.

If there is a guarantor in situ, do not be afraid to open the door to discussions but please be careful as there could be a genuine reason so tread carefully.

Should the debt be at the end of tenancy, do make a claim via the deposit scheme that the deposit was secured with.

Should the debt be above the deposit value, a claim will need to be made via the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland Housing & Property Chamber for a payment order.

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