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Privacy policies are usually one of those things we all need, but nobody reads, right? I’ve written this in a way that makes it simple to understand – because if you’re on this page, I guess that’s what you want!

With the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), you have the right to understand and learn how your data is being used, request that your data is deleted and retrieve your data in a format you can read and re-use. You also have to give your explicit consent before being signed up to receive marketing communications.


I use Google Analytics to get data on things like how many people have visited my site, how long they’ve been on my site etc. I can’t track this down to an individual person, but if you visit my site, you will become a metric in my analytics dashboard.

Google Analytics requires the use of a cookie which is a file your web browser uses to record your visit to my site. This is used by thousands, if not millions of sites worldwide.

You can use your web browser’s cookie settings to determine how this website uses cookies. If you do not want my site to store cookies on your computer or device, you should set your web browser to refuse cookies.

We retain data for 18 months.

Facebook Pixel

I also use Facebook retargeting. The Facebook pixel is a piece of code I have installed on my site, similar to Google Analytics which allows me to monitor how many people have visited my site.

It also allows me to retarget anyone who visits my website with an advert when they visit Facebook. For example, you might land on my website, go to Facebook and see an advert from me, because you visited the site.

Collecting Personal Information

I don’t collect irrelevant personal information. If you are not signing up to be my client, the only data I may collect is:

Full names
Email addresses
This is collected on various forms across my site (such as my contact page). I only collect this information so that I can communicate with you.

If you are signing up to be my client, then I collect and store all the relevant personal information that’s neccessary to conduct business with you and ensure your properties are safe and secure.

I don’t sell, trade or share your information to anyone and you can unsubscribe from any communications from me at any time.

Email Newsletters

I use Mailchimp to send my newsletters and emails.

There’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email, so it’s easy to remove yourself from the list if you no longer want to receive emails.

Any Questions?

If any questions, drop me an email at mailto: Ryan@WinWinPM.co.uk

Last updated: 12th April 2019