24th March Update | Please Stay At Home


I am sure that most of us saw the PMs Announcement last night but for those that missed it, the key take away was ‘please, please stay at home.’

I expect there to be further news released throughout the day giving clarification to different scenarios, what is essential travel? can tenants still take on a house move (shelter) and has Landlord Gas Safety Certificates been given a grace period to be actioned? We expect a grace period to be given and will continue to work with the contractors when clarity is received.

Until clarity is received, we will continue with the actioning of emergency works only. This primarily will be anything that endangers life, or the property. A leak or a boiler being down for the vulnerable. Please note, that merchants are closed and the plumber cannot carry each and every spare part for every boiler.

With a lockdown in place, a lot of tenants who were working are now not. This puts a massive pressure on cashflow, for both tenant and landlord, until a benefits package can be paid out. We are in communication frequently with tenants and giving guidance where possible. We will continue to update landlords where an issue has been flagged.

We have never been so busy and appreciate that this is strange times, cashflow issues will come and people are worried. To help you, we will again be going against industry standard and not charging fees directly to a landlord where no rent has been paid and will roll this onto the next month, and will continue to keep doing so until the rent is paid. This is our commitment to you as a thank you for your ongoing support.


Best wishes and stay safe

– Ryan

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